Hello and Welcome to the Pacman-page, which has nothing got to do with the game pacman - except for the main character.

Here, you can find a toy-program, that makes a pacman-style "thingie" move on and eat away your desktop, and do this in a kind of pseudo-AI (artificial intelligence) way.

This toy was developed under Linux, but is supposed to be also compile-able for other Unices. Minor changes/adaptions to the Makefile may be necessary for your environment. You need Troll-Techs Qt-library, which is shipped with most Linux-distributions (KDE is built upon it), but you can also freely download it from their site (or from mirrors) if you haven't already got it.

For those poor guys who are stuck with Windoze, there is also a windows-version available. (Thanks to Warwick Allison, who donated the binary).


Old versions: (there is really no point in downloading these ...)


This page was written, because transfer logs showed many hits from searches for "pacman", which are likely mis-guided here, but maybe let me sidetrack them ... ;-)

The winduhs-pacman does not open any windows, and therefore can only be terminated with the taskmanager. don't panic.

Page and Program written by Andreas Leitgeb