Sproingy Has Reached The Ground !

[Sproingy on ground]
(Yellow falling down death tired after reaching ground level.)

After years of continuously descending stairs, sproingy Yellow finally made it to the ground. Yellow is believed to be the first one ever of his species to get there. Till now, no sproingy even knew what the ground would look like !

The final steps had been a neck to neck race with Ol' Grey (topright corner), who crumbled to dust just after he touched ground. Poor Ol' Grey. What he will do in his after world ? We can only guess ...

Asked about his plans for future, Yellow considered jumping back up all those zillions of steps. But not before his well earned two week vacation.

Unfortunately, the official sproingies page by Ed Mackey is currently closed. Until the page is moved to a new URL, you can view a copy taken from google's cache.